How I Add Value & Solve Problems

I establish companies, provide consultation and deliver keynotes, presentations, and workshops on a range of topics geared towards achieving goals, both personal
and professional.


Personal development is key to life. Only through improving can we realise our highest selves, unlock latent potential and become that which we are destined to be. Kaizen forms a central part of this philosophy of growth. We determine our future, daily, both consciously and unconsciously. Let Kemal help you take the right steps.

  • Life Transformation

  • Achieving the Limitless Mind

  • Visionary Planning & Goal Setting

  • Financial Mastery

  • 9 Ideas That Will Change Your Life


It is advised not to wake a sleeping lion; I disagree. Action is the avenue through which we realize our potential, unlocking the latent energies given to us, through which we manifest destiny. The same is true for organizations and individuals. Let’s conquer those fears and meet your true self.

  • Technology & Leadership

  • Change and You

  • Kaizen: Relentlessly Pursuing Excellence

  • Killing Fear: Awaking Greatness


In a world where everyone has or is a product, what makes yours unique? Better yet, how do you convince potential consumers that yours is the one to have? There are numerous steps that lead to a single sale. I’ll guide you through the various levels of the sales funnel and master the art of everything from generating, recording and repeating the sale.


Are you and your team ready to be overcome with energy, vigour, passion and a will to not only change, but transform? This is what I am most known for; my ability to inspire, command and channel emotions through powerful lessons and verbal blessings, all while helping you to grow, live the life, or build the organization you value the most.


Believe it or not, leaders aren’t born, they are made. To lead or manage effectively, there are skills, mindsets and essential learnings that must take place and become a part of you. The art of management has continued to evolve through the years, change is the constant. To create a culture of winning and an organization that as Jim Collins phrases it, is “built to last”, we’ll be:

  • Mastering Management

  • Cultivating A Winning Company Culture

  • Manager Vs Leader

  • Leading In A Time of Change

  • Generational Change and You

  • Harnessing Productivity for Organizational Results


Digital is life. Having built one of the most successful digital agencies in Jamaica, it is pretty safe to say that I have more than average handle on the topic. Digital marketing holds infinite benefits for the skilled marketer, from massive increases in sales, direct customer access and lead gen, alongside data for retention there is much to be had here. Learn how to build an online brand that engages, entertains, educates, converts and convinces. Content is king, learn to master it.

  • Tools & Types of Digita Marketing

  • Digital Ads Selling

  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Digital Dollar

  • Strategies, Policies, Management

  • Lead generation, Growth & Online Sales

  • Best Practices & Tools For Social Media

  • Social Media For Small Businesses

  • Social Service (Customer Service In the Digital Age)


The Digital Age is upon us! Digitization has brought with it a complete restructuring of the world. The cloud is more important than the ground and companies are rushing to own their own piece of the intangible digital ecosystem that now drives, sales, learning, earning and global expansion. Is your organization ready? Let’s get started. From understanding the implications of Ai, tech, the cloud, social media, big data, security and privacy I’ll help you chart a path to the future. No one can afford to be left behind.

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution & You

  • The World Is Now Flat

  • Digital Is Now: How Tech Has Changed The World

  • Big Data, Small Data & Smart Data

  • Profit & Ai


Over 50% of businesses don’t make it past 2 years. Entrepreneurship is the ultimate pursuit of individual freedom and brings with it the compliant risks. As a serial entrepreneur and an avid student of the craft, I’ll provide you with indispensable lessons, insights, steps, tools and mental models that detail the journey and give insights into the destination. Whether you are just starting, or in the advanced stages of business, I’ll will share timeless lessons to keep you firmly on the path to success.

  • The 9 Virtues of Entrepreneurship

  • How To Start-up & Stay Up

  • The Innovator's Dilemma

  • Scaling Effectively

  • Tools of a Titan

  • The Art of The Start


Communication is multidimensional. Whether written, spoken or non verbal meaning translates in many ways. Don’t allow yourself to be lost in translation, master communication today!

  • Effective Public Speaking

  • The Body Never Lies

  • The 5 C's of Communication


A brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room. Being associated with a boss brand will not only increase your influence, but also aid in goal achievements. Understanding the branding ecosystem and the tools at your disposal will allow you to add value to your life as well as others'.

  • Building A Brand That Brings Bucks

  • The 5 Ps of Personal Branding

  • Finding Your Niche