What will you learn today?

Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow. The Learning Centre is a free resource hub, where I will curate helpful articles, tips, books and content that will add value to my community. Like the title says, it will help you to learn about yourself, entrepreneurship, success and personal development. The list will grow as I grow. Let’s take the journey together.

Books I recommend

I firmly believe that what you metabolize transforms you. I think food for thought is just as important as the burgers and fries we love to eat, and much healthier. Read great books, manifest great thoughts and realize a fulfilled life. The only difference between you and Bill Gates is what he has in his head…and a few billion dollars earned from that information and action taken on the same. He has some insights that you don’t. Here are a few books that I think make for good eating and will help you along the path of self discovery, brand building and the journey of success.

More coming soon...