As children, we were all asked one question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Our parents, teachers, aunts and uncles all inquired as to the our future professions and ambitions. Personally, I wanted to be a pilot, my parent bought me a big jumbo jet that simulated the takeoff process and I was in love. While its fun to think back to these days and also fun for children to dress is career day outfits, I think a large part of finding ones purpose is tied to asking the right questions, which will naturally lead to better answers. Instead of what, we should ask who, and after who, we should ask our children what problems they want to solve.

But this question isn’t only reserved for children. You, sitting reading this post from the phone or computer screen should begin asking the same questions.

You see purpose is the one thing that eludes many of us. Without it we can feel like we are going nowhere, stagnating along the sands of time, seeing nothing but dunes no matter how far we walk. I firmly believe that we all have a role to play in the betterment of our collective humanity. It is not by chance that we are born to the families we have, in the countries we live, in the bodies we call home. We all have a role to play in shaping the collective consciousness of this world. I also believe that it is a lack of understanding purpose or finding ones purpose that contributes to the many problems we as a human race face. Idle hands and minds seldom do productive things. But how does one find their reason for existing? How can we all find our one big thing?

Well the good news, its possible, the bad news…its not an easy road as Reggae artist Buju Banton would say. It takes time, self-refection, confronting insecurity and fear, but I promise you its greener on the other side and after each storm comes the sun. But to understand that, we must also understand that a sunny day is just a day when the sun wins over the rain. So too in life, making peace with inner conflicts is vital to finding your purpose. I define purpose as consistency allowing your inner passion, talents and desires to  flow freely through your actions each and every day, filling the needs of your spirit and personality, while helping others fill theirs.

Once you find what you are meant to do on this earth, life has a special meaning.

One trick is to look out for the signs. There are always signs along our pathways to guide us. There are always moments when we stumble onto something that resonates with us to our cores. It brings us joy, peace and most important fulfillment. However, if we don’t remain present, in that instant, the impact can fade away. Look and think deeply about the moments when you have felt most fulfilled, what were you doing, who were you speaking to, and take note of the connections at play.

I am a motivational speaker and entrepreneur because I want to add value to the world and equip others with the ideas, pathways and mind-sets that will allow them to fundamentally alter their lives for the better and manifest their highest selves daily. I stumbled into my purpose. Everyone, I would speak to would say they left enriched, motivated and with a new fervor to take on the world, I began thinking about this and realized I felt the most fulfilled when I poured into the lives of others. And so I went full in and gave my all. Entrepreneurship has been a part of me since I was 4, if you visited the Who is Kemal”  page on this site you know i’ve always had the “marbles” for the job. I find peace when solving problems and love helping others so it was a very natural life progression.

Think about what comes naturally to you. Your purpose might be hiding confirmable within, waiting for you to unearth it. Grab a shovel and get to work. Live full, die empty.